The price you should expect to pay for double glazing is a topic that most people will (quite understandably) never think about – until the day they decide to invest in new double glazing for their own home.

The problem that most people have when this day arrives it that they have no idea how much they should pay because they have never bought this type of product before – or at least not in the recent past and therefore have no reference to judge a quotation by. If this sounds like your current predicament then please read on.

Here at Finesse Windows we try and take the mystery out of the issue of price by going in to detail about the value of the product you will be investing in; If you understand the components of the product and the service you are buying you are in a far better position to judge the appropriateness of the cost of the double glazing. To help explain this we try to illustrate the breakdown of the cost of a UPVC double glazed back door. We talk about a back door because most people have one in their home, and they are normally roughly the same size – hence it’s an item which everybody can relate to.

The price we charge for a top specification Finesse Windows ‘Elegance’ UPVC back door is £1,100 inc VAT (give or take £100 to account for different designs & possible fitting quirks). We feel it’s right to go through the components of this door to give an insight into how we arrive at this price.

Within this price – this is what you are paying for:

1)      VAT:  Perhaps an obvious point but one worth making nonetheless – the value includes the statutory £183.33 VAT payment which represents 20% of the cost.

2)      Design Service: As many design visits as is necessary for you to feel comfortable with your purchase. We never charge for designs if the customer doesn’t go ahead with any work – and we never charge more if we have visited you multiple times to discuss your purchase before you buy.

3)      Survey: After you have agreed a contact with us we send our technical surveyor to your home to take accurate measurements in order to be able to manufacture your bespoke double glazed door. Our surveyor’s visit is naturally included in the price.

4)      Manufacture: We then set to work to make your door from scratch in our own factory, your door will pass through 7 stages of manufacturing before it arrives in the hands of our factory manager who personally inspects every door before it leaves the factory to ensure it is fit to bear the name of Finesse.

5)      Components Check: We invest heavily in product development to ensure that all our products are as strong and thermally efficient as they can be. Within your door there will be a mild steel sub frame which gives the door its inherent strength, the UPVC outer shell, a ‘secure by design, locking system, a Mul-T-Lock cylinder (which is by far the most important component of the door). Argon gas filled sealed units made from the highest specification of insulating glass and reinforced UPVC panels to ensure that the solid panel sections of the door cannot be breeched by intruders.

6)      Installation: The installation of the door is probably the part of the process that requires the most ‘Finesse’. All our fitters are MTC approved which means that they are capable of fitting products to meet building regulation standards. But beyond that they recognise the importance of treating your home properly.

7)      Disposal of your old Door: We take responsibility to take away and dispose of your old door safely.

8)       After Care visit: We feel it’s important to visit you after the installation to make sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. This will be done either on the day of fitting or shortly afterwards by our customer care staff who are there to make sure that we are happy with the overall installation and that you are 100% satisfied.

9)      After Care Service: When you invest in a double glazing with Finesse you are also buying a comprehensive 10 year guarantee which is insurance backed. We take our responsibility to service your door extremely seriously so during the 10 year guarantee period you can call on us as many times as you need to ensure the door is always performing to your satisfaction. We always attend to any issues within a few days and often within the same day if an issue is urgent.

10)   Registration with FENSA: The replacement of external doors is a notifiable job for the purposes of compliance with Building Regulations (depending on the amount of glass within the door). We take on the responsibility for this task and do it on your behalf so you don’t have to worry.

We feel that the price we charge for our double glazed windows & doors represents excellent value for money. Hopefully this brief outline will help to give you an insight into the costs of double glazing and will help you to judge the value for money of any quote you may require for your home. We would be happy to discuss the cost of our double glazing at any time. Please contact us by calling 0121-451-3724 or by e-mailing

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