Embrace Elegance and Strength with Nebbiolo Veranda

Classic design, modern strength, unmatched value.


Robust Construction

Built for strength, lasts for eternity.

Timeless Design

Classic elegance meets modern lifestyle.

Competitive Pricing

Affordable luxury at its finest.


The Epitome of Elegance

The Nebbiolo Veranda exemplifies the synthesis of simplicity and sophistication in design. Derived from a minimalist philosophy, every line and curve of Nebbiolo is meticulously crafted to present a visual experience that is pleasing, harmonious, and timeless. The slim silhouette embodies understated luxury, while the tasteful colour options of cream and grey offer versatility to blend with various architectural styles. Nebbiolo’s design transcends trends, and its elegant form resonates with diverse taste aesthetics, making it a veritably timeless choice. Embrace Nebbiolo, and infuse your outdoor space with an ageless charm.

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Durability in Design

The Nebbiolo Veranda redefines standards with its robust yet elegant design. Realised using top-grade aluminium, and supplemented with aluminium top covers, it displays unparalleled resilience—an attribute that sets it apart. The smartly incorporated round gutter ensures efficient water management, adding to Nebbiolo's durability. It culminates with a high-quality, weather-resistant polycarbonate roof, guaranteeing longevity. Nebbiolo personifies the fusion of strength and beauty, assuring you a lasting investment in refined living.

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Personalised to Your Preference

The Nebbiolo Veranda engages with the individuality of each homeowner, offering a range of customisability options. Frame sides for added protection and privacy can be chosen according to requirements. Accessorise your veranda with LED downlights for enchanting ambiance during after-dusk hours. For chillier days, opt for infra-red heaters, ensuring your outdoor living space is cozy throughout the seasons. At Finesse Windows, we celebrate uniqueness, and with Nebbiolo, we provide you the tools to tailor your outdoors exactly to your liking.

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