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Finesse Windows have been installing for over 30 years Bay Windows to Birmingham and its surrounding areas.

Typically a bay window consists of three facets although we also specialise in 2, 5 and even 7 facet bays too! Whatever the size or number of facets – all our bays feature the same reinforcing system ensuring that your bay window is more than capable of safely transferring loads from your roof, through the bay and down into the ground.

Bay Window


Many of our customers get in touch to tell us that their homes are much quieter after we have installed their new windows. For more information on our SHIELD Protection glass which can reduce external decibel noise level by 20% contact us.



The glass or panelled units in all the windows manufactured by Finesse Windows are all fixed into position using internal glazing beads. This crucial detail makes it impossible to de-glaze the unit from the outside – a burglars favourite method of entry



All our uPVC corner posts are fully reinforced with a structural aluminium system; this is absolutely crucial in terms of structural stability. The steel & aluminium inside our uPVC serves to bolster the weight load capacity of our framework. The reinforcing is crucial to safely transfer extremely heavy loads from the roof – through the framework and down into the base.


Finesse Windows handles can be key locked to give further protection and peace of mind. Key Locking handles can often be a requirement of your home insurance.

What Are Bay Windows

Due to their sheer size and prominence, bay windows often dominate the aesthetics of a property. If they are designed and specified correctly they can transform the look of a home internally and externally.

They’re certainly designed to make the most of the panoramic views available. But given the extra loads they usually have to bear, they also have to be the strongest we make.

Maintaining structural integrity is everything here – and this kind of installation can never be left to chance. That’s why our in-house experts will always make sure your particular project is safe and sound.

Their confidence comes from the fact that our windows are fully steel reinforced as standard. Then, the windows themselves are coupled together using structural aluminium supports. Together, that means an all-round strength that’s on top of industry standards – to stand the test of time, and earn your personal peace of mind.

The Benefits to your home

  • Security & Strength

    Our bay windows are fully steel reinforced and furthermore are further bolstered by a full aluminium support structure. As a result our bay windows cannot be beaten in terms of their sheer strength.

  • Beautiful Looks

    As pert of our design process we work in collaboration with you to design a solution that is not only strong & supportive but beautiful and in keeping with your home’s architecture.

  • Many Designs

    There’s no such thing as a standard bay window. We will guide you through the many options available – we will even digitally recreate your new bay and superimpose it onto a photo of your home so that you can judge the design in context & decide if it is right for you.

  • No Maintenance

    Spend more time enjoying your home rather than worrying about looking after your bay windows – no more scraping and painting off a ladder!

Windows Brochure Request

Our expert team here at Finesse Windows can help you to design the perfect bay window for your home.  Simply fill in the contact form below to receive a copy of our brochure.

About Our Windows Range

Finesse Windows do not simply supply and install windows you know!  We have an expert team here who can help you to design, choose a solution to match your exact needs.

Nobody knows windows better than we do here at Finesse, they have, after all, been the cornerstone of the business since the day we were founded! We pride ourselves on an intimate knowledge of what goes into making a great double glazed window. Using only the finest materials, we craft windows that are much more than just something that fills a hole in a wall. Instead, we create something that can serve as the centrepiece and focal point of any home. Our double glazed windows manufactured in Birmingham are held to the highest standards of workmanship.

We offer a huge range of high quality uPVC window designs which we manufacture according to our stated values in our very own factory. This allows us close control over the entire process, including initial elements such as sizing and style to quality assurance upon completion. Indeed, our very own quality manager personally checks each and every window that we manufacture, so customers can be sure of receiving a perfect product before they even see it themselves.

Whether you are looking for casement windowsbay windows or sash windows, our catalogue covers all of this and more. Our double glazing adapts to the Birmingham weather, for superior quality and style. The nature of our manufacturing process means that we can even design a bespoke window to match your exact requirements and even create any of our designs in a range of different colours and materials.

Safety and your security is incredibly important to us, so we design and build our windows to be the most secure windows on the market.  With solid construction and multiple lock points, you are left with no weak spots – all without compromising on the design.

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