Crafting Cohesion with Bosco Veranda

Customise, connect, and captivate.


Best Selling Design

Popular choice for timeless elegance.

Fully Customisable

Tailored to your preferences.

Interlink Capability

Extended widths for grand layouts.


Intricate Design Choices

The Bosco Veranda astounds with its meticulous design choices. From a striking round or classic decorative gutter that subtly impresses, to the sturdy half-round or square posts, Bosco strikes a perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. With its architecture, it offers a visual depth that adds a unique dimension to your outdoor area, making each view a beautifully crafted landscape.

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Your Style, Our Canvas

With Bosco, customisation knows no bounds. Tailored to fit your unique expectations, Bosco comes in a range of widths and depths, adaptable to your spatial preferences. Even in its colour scheme, Bosco offers choices: RAL9005, RAL9016, RAL7024, and RAL9001. Bosco transforms into a statement of your personal style, reflecting your taste, and becoming an extension of your home and personality.

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Enhancements for Elegance

Bosco offers numerous optional accessories to enrich your veranda experience. A side gable or sidewall imparts an added layer of privacy while integrating seamlessly with the structure. The high-quality glass sliding doors allow natural light to filter in while providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors. And for a touch of enchantment, opt for our energy-efficient LED lighting, adding a soft glow to your evenings. With Bosco, upgrading your outdoor space becomes a delightful endeavour.

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