Experience Elegant Luxury with Pigato Veranda

Experience style, safety, and sunlight.


44.2mm Safety Glass Option

Illuminate your space safely.

Fully Customisable

Crafted to suit your taste.

Interlink Capability

Unlimited widths for scenic views.


Safe, Illuminated Luxury

The Pigato Veranda stands apart with its safety-first approach. Our luxury aluminium veranda is optionally fitted with a 44.2mm Safety Glass Roof, a feature that ensures durability without compromising on aesthetic charm. This unique attribute allows you to soak in natural light across the seasons while providing a clear, unfiltered view of the sky and your surroundings. Experience the combination of security, brightness, and elegant design that truly sets the Pigato Veranda apart.

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Tailored to Your Tastes

The Pigato Veranda celebrates identity, offering vast possibilities for customisation. Sizes, colours, and roofing choices are all at your discretion, allowing the Pigato to genuinely reflect the personal style and overall architectural aesthetic of your residence. It is available in tasteful colours: RAL9005, RAL9016, RAL7024, RAL9001 and roofing options include clear, ultra-clear, opaque, and solar control polycarbonates. Pigato truly hands over the design reigns to you, promising a bespoke living space.

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Detailed, Unique Enhancements

The Pigato Veranda offers a variety of optional accessories, giving you the liberty to tailor your veranda beyond its foundational structure. Opt for side gables or sidewalls for additional privacy and integration. Consider implementing high-quality glass sliding Doors to further elevate the visual connection between your interior and the expanded outdoors. Select the subtle yet effective LED lighting for a warm glow during after-dark hours, creating an enchanting ambiance. The choice is yours, and every detail can be perfected to your preference.

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