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Kitchen windows act in two different ways; aside from simply letting light into your kitchen, they also help you to get rid of excess steam and moisture, as well as cooking smells. Having the right windows in your kitchen is about more than just they way look from the outside. It is important that your kitchen windows are made with appropriate materials to be able to stand up to everyday living, such as high steam and moisture levels, changing temperatures and condensation. Here at Finesse we stock a huge range of window styles and designs which will work perfectly in your kitchen.


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Finesse Windows are a FENSA registered company. Upon the completion of your project we register your details with FENSA who will send your Certificate of Registration to you directly. We recommend that you retain this certificate in a safe place as they are important and are required by solicitors if you come to sell your property in the future.

We strongly reject and never take part in the typical ‘double glazing’ pricing model of giving a high first price – only then to reduce the price based on fictional discounts or any other type of misleading sales techniques. We reject any type of pressure selling.

Instead we always take a full survey of the requirements of every job we are invited to quote for. We price each piece of work as competitively as we can to allow for the full and correct installation. We understand that customers will always naturally strive to gain value for money and we ensure that all our processes are designed to achieve exactly that.

We stand by our assertion that the products we manufacture and the service we provide is unparalleled in our industry. We charge what we believe to be a fair price for the level of quality that we deliver. We firmly believe that we offer extremely good value for money. Indeed – the latest numbers from over 2,000 reviews from our customers show that we are rated as 9.27 out of 10 in terms of ‘value for money’

An ‘A rated’ window is one that is exceptionally effective at gaining free heat energy from outside and then keeping valuable heat inside your home.

A window can only be classified as ‘A rated’ if it has been tested by an independent, certified organisation against energy efficiency criteria and been found to meet or surpass the specified requirements.

To enable a window to be classified as ‘A rated’ its various properties are measured and the results are then accumulated into just one simple figure. The figure dictates where the window can be classified on the A to G scale in terms of its energy efficiency. An A rated window is one that achieves an excellent score on this scale.

Common misconceptions

Many people mistakenly talk about ‘A rated glass’ or ‘B rated glass’. This is largely born from the fact that most people think that the energy efficiency of a window depends solely on the glass being used. This is a common misconception. There is actually no such thing as ‘A rated glass’.

When a window is being assessed to judge its energy efficiency rating a number of factors are considered and measured, not just the glass. The other components of a window that are just as important as the glass are:

  • the UPVC being used – including how many internal insulating chambers it possesses
  • the reinforcing material being used inside the UPVC to give the window strength
  • the effectiveness of the window to form a tight seal when closed – eliminating draughts
  • and finally the glass type is considered as part of the overall window composition

Free energy!

The testing procedure to gauge the energy efficiency of a window is designed to not only look at how effective a window is at keeping valuable heat inside your home – it is equally designed to assess how well a window can capture free heat energy from the sun. This free energy is described as solar gain (g). The solar gain factor has a large influence on the overall rating given to a window.



From living rooms to conservatories, we provide windows for any location.

SHIELD PROTECTION GLASS the most secure window glass solution available

Kitchen Window Designs

Many of us do not even think about needing to change our kitchen windows, unless something happens to our home. The fact that windows do not need changing very often means many of us live in homes with old and ineffective windows which could certainly be improved with new designs. New kitchen windows feature up to date security features as well as better glazing options which can help to improve the efficiency of your home. By reducing heat loss during the winter and maintaining the temperature when it is warmer in the summer, good quality windows can make a real difference to your home. Your kitchen is often one of the most used rooms in your home, so the windows are likely to be more important here than in other areas.


Kitchen Window Frames

Here at Finesse we are proud to offer a huge range of designs, shapes and styles of windows to suit any home. Our range of windows can be made to measure, allowing us to make the ideal windows to fit your kitchen perfectly. We are always happy to offer our expert advice throughout any stage of your window design journey - from helping you to understand the different glazing options, through to fitting and installation, our team are on hand to help every step of the way. Why not come to see us in our Birmingham showroom to get inspiration or to discuss your needs with our team? Finesse Windows operate in a wide area throughout the West Midlands, for double glazing Solihull and double glazing Redditch.

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