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Bathroom windows are not something we often have to replace, but when we do, it is important that we choose the right type of window to match the room. Bathrooms are a highly used room in our homes, so your bathroom windows need to be durable and strong, particularly to handle everyday use, excess steam and condensation. Bathroom windows are often smaller than most windows in our homes. This is firstly for privacy reasons, and secondly to keep the room warm when it is cold outside. This can mean that replacing your bathroom window could be less costly than you might think! Here at Finesse, we have extensive experience in all things windows so allow our team to help you to choose the ideal replacement bathroom window for your home today!

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Beautiful Bathroom Windows

Bathroom Windows FAQ's

Our skilled fitting team work diligently to reduce any mess or inconvenience to you and your property during fitting.

Our team will bring their own doormats and dustsheets and will vacuum and mess cause during the installation process.

All Finesse Windows installations are covered by an insurance backed 10 year guarantee covered by Fairtrades Homepro.

This independent insurance backed guarantee covers all parts and labour for all our window, door and conservatory installation.

Finesse Windows are proud to manufacture our windows and doors in our Kings Norton, Birmingham factory. This single facility covers both the show area, where people can see our work in action and experience various materials and techniques to assist in making a decision of their own, and also the manufacturing area. We really do it all under one roof! There, customers can see first-hand just how much care and effort goes into every project that we undertake and even get to know the people that will be responsible for making their home improvement dreams into a reality. From our windows to our UPVC doors in Birmingham we’re proud to do every step.

A Veranda and Terrace Canopy are two words implying the same thing; An extension to a house covering an outside area. Or a roof supported by two posts, made of aluminium with a polycarbonate roofing.

A glass room refers to an 'uninsulated' house extension in the shape of a terrace canopy or veranda equipped with (glass) (sliding) doors so that the area can be fully closed. Architecturally, a glass room is not part of the house.

A glass room looks like a conservatory, but the main differences is that a conservatory refers to an insulated extension of the house. So this is an actual part of a house, making it more expensive and complicated to buy and install a conservatory.

Finesse Windows are able to supply terrace canopies, verandas and garden rooms.

You will only need planning permission if your Veranda Glass Room is over 3m  in height, or is located on the roof of your home or it will be larger than 50% of the land that the original house covers.

A veranda allows you to create a covered outside area. In addition to being a beautiful addition to your house, it also allows you to find shelter from the sun, or to sit outside in rainy or cold weather. In addition, it also allows you to better protect your garden furniture against weather influences.

  • Aluminium verandas are generally cheaper than veranda's made from different materials.
  • An aluminium veranda offers a strong construction that will last for many years.
  • Aluminium requires little maintenance. It is a metal that doesn't corrode or rot like timber.
  • Aluminium verandas have a longer lifespan, meaning that you just have to invest once, and can enjoy the veranda for many years, without having to  replace it.
  • Choosing Finesse Windows gives you peace of mind that you have chosen the best company for your Home Improvement project.


Adding a glass door system to an existing canopy at a later moment is no problem at all. 

A Veranda requires little maintenance. We do recommend however to clean the Veranda about twice a year. In addition to the fact that your Veranda looks better without dirt, it also increases the lifespan of the Veranda. 

When cleaning your Veranda, we recommend using a sponge or a soft cloth. You can easily clean the aluminium frame with water and a neutral soap.

The polycarbonate roofing can be cleaned in the same way, but be extra careful. Don't forget to frequently keep the gutter free from leaves and dirt to prevent the water drain from getting clogged.

A great looking Veranda Glass Room installed on a property could add anything between 5% and 15% to the overall value of your home. (Source:



From living rooms to conservatories, we provide windows for any location.

SHIELD PROTECTION GLASS the most secure window glass solution available

Bathroom Window Glass Types

One of the most important aspects of bathroom windows is privacy. The last thing you want when you are stepping out of the shower is for a neighbour to peep in your window! Most homes feature frosted glass on their bathroom windows to maintain privacy yet still allow light to flood in. While having frosted glass is a great way to obscure the view from and into your bathroom, not all bathrooms have frosted glass, especially those which are not overlooked in any way. Often, we find older homes do not have frosted glass. There are a wide range of different designs for frosted bathroom windows, allowing you to choose a style which suits your tastes and decor.


Bathroom Window Frames

Bathrooms often suffer with issues relating to condensation and damp due to the amount of moisture which can build up in the room, such as when running hot showers and baths. Having the right windows for your bathroom can really help to reduce the problems associated with steam and condensation. Condensation can damage wooden window frames, so we would recommend you discuss with our team the best type of window frames to install in your bathroom. We offer a wide range of window styles to fit in with your existing design and look, so we are confident we can help you find the perfect bathroom windows today! Finesse Windows operate in a wide area throughout the West Midlands, for double glazing Solihull and double glazing Redditch.

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