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With nearly forty years of experience in the industry, Finesse Windows has adopted a series of core values which represent exactly what we are all about.


While we never overpromise on what we will look to deliver to our clients, we are always looking to go the extra mile in order to delight our customers. Our design and manufacturing processes can be handled exclusively by us, but clients are more than welcome to get involved, even down to visiting the factory to see their new windows, doors or conservatories being made. We pride ourselves in causing a very real ‘wow’ factor among everyone that we work with and achieve this by being realistic with the plans, but over delivering when it comes to the execution.


No Overselling

While we are always delighted when a customer chooses Finesse as their home improvements company of choice, we’re not interested in hard selling our products. Even individuals that other companies would term ‘salesmen’ are there to discuss the needs of a customer and offer guidance and advice as to how their requirements could best be met. We view every customer relationship as a partnership and seek to meet and exceed those requirements through style and quality rather than looking to simply make a sale.


A Two-Way Relationship

Further to the previous point, we treat every customer exactly how we would expect to be treated ourselves. This extends to respect, care and integrity and we always look to work with our customers rather than simply for them. This applies to every stage of the process and even our installation teams will take as much care of your home as you would do in their own.


An Objective-Driven Approach

The first step in any project that we undertake is to determine exactly what the customer is looking for from their latest home improvements. That then serves as the basis that we adhere to as the project goes from initial designs through to manufacture and installation. We are always on hand to ensure that the decisions taken are the correct ones and can use our technology to demonstrate exactly how a finished project will look



We pride ourselves on the sheer number of different products that we have to offer and the size of this range means that nothing is impossible. Our goal is to take any requirements and ideas that a customer might have and turn them into a reality and we are able to achieve this thanks to our knowledge, experience and the flexible approach that we take to all elements of the business.



Pulling all of these values together is an overriding desire to deliver a quality experience. From the products themselves to the quality of the aftercare, we want everyone that we work with to feel like they have received a perfect experience without compromise and we will stay in touch to ensure that this is the case. That is what Finesse Windows is all about!


These values are inherent within each and every project and give a strong idea to existing and potential customers regarding exactly what the company is all about, and what they can expect from our work.

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