Unveiling the Robust Elegance of Giallo Veranda

Panoramic views, personalised designs.


Expansive Spans

Witness 6m spans with just two posts.

Fully Customisable

Aligns with your personal style.

Interlink Capability

Unlimited widths for spacious outdoors.


Unfettered Vistas

Experience the joy and freedom of unhindered views with the Giallo Veranda. Its unique architectural design allows for expansive spans of up to 6-meters using just two posts, an innovative construction feature that distinguishes it. Such broad spans deliver a seamless, panoramic vista of your surrounding landscape, connecting you with the outdoors while offering the comfort of indoor conveniences. The Giallo Veranda invites you to engage with your environment in a more profound, unlimited way.

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The Power of Personalisation

Giallo Veranda's distinctive attribute lies in its extensive customisation options. It respects individual tastes and preferences, offering a selection of sizes, colours, and roofing options that align seamlessly with your unique style and residential aesthetic. Choose from a colour palette of RAL9005, RAL9016, RAL7024 and RAL9001, and roofing options like clear, ultra-clear, opaque, and solar control polycarbonate material. Giallo places the power of design in your hands, personalising your Veranda to be a true reflection of your style.

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Accessorise for Ambiance

Giallo offers a host of optional accessories to further enhance the appeal and usability of your Veranda. A side gable or sidewall can provide additional privacy, creating a secluded oasis within your property. Glass-sliding Doors add an elegant touch, fringing the boundary between your indoors and outdoors. LED lighting can transform the aura of your space, creating enchanting evenings under the stars. Even on colder nights, the outdoor allure remains undiminished, courtesy of our infra-red heaters. With Giallo, accessorise your Veranda to personify your lifestyle.

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