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Replacing Your Front Door

Finesse Windows represents over 4 decades of our family’s life’s work. We care deeply about its success and reputation and want every member of our team and every customer to feel that unique sense of dealing with a truly customer focused family business.

We are immensely proud of our track record for customer satisfaction, which reflects in thousands of positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations. However, it is not only our customers that are impressed by the work we do.

Firstly a great front door creates a lasting first impression, but not all doors are the same – from the design and manufacture process to the materials and the installation. At Finesse, we pride ourselves on an intimate knowledge of what goes into making a great door in uPVC, Composite and Aluminium, which are not only stunningly beautiful but also have enhanced security and improves the energy efficiency of your home. We use the latest manufacturing techniques, and the finest materials, to craft doors that are much more than just something that fills a hole in a wall.

A new front door is an investment, and our team are here to ensure you make the right decisions for your home – we care about you and your home The following guide will hopefully remove some of the myths and answer the questions related to a new front door for your home. We will explain how they can add value to your home, and the almost endless styles and colours available. Finally we will talk about our guarantee and our Decade of Care.



Door Materials

Over recent years there have been a number of advances in manufacturing technology and material construction that now mean that doors offer higher levels of security, strength, energy efficiency and looks.

At Finesse Windows, our external door offering includes uPVC, Composite and our new Aluminium Door offering.

Wooden Doors – a natural insulator which absorbs and retains heat, and which can be stained or painted with no limits on the times you can change the colour.

uPVC Doors – a great material which offers exceptional value for money and one of the most popular materials used in Doors in the UK today. Being virtually maintenance free, uPVC (add link) is a naturally insulated material which offers high levels of energy efficiency. Modern uPVC Doors come in a wide range of colours and also have the option of a wood grain effect, they are built to be secure with steel reinforcement also to enhance the security.

Composite Doors – Our range of composite doors in our opinion are the strongest, most secure residential composite doors currently available in the UK. Again they are come in a wide range of colours and also have the option of a wood grain effect. Composite doors are designed to suit any type of property and are the most popular kind of front door we supply.

Aluminium Doors – With the longest expected lifetime for any door, Aluminium Doors can also be the most expensive. Perfect for modern contemporary properties, their sleek and stylish finish combined with the durability and limited maintenance required, Aluminium Doors are becoming ever more popular.


How do you know how secure a Door is?

Visual Deterrent

Does the door look up-to date & robust? How strong do the hinges and handles and door lock look?


Does the door have steel and aluminium reinforcement? In having this reinforcement it means all the hardware is fixed securely into steel.

Locking Mechanism

How many locking points does the door have? And do these lock all sides of the door? And do these locking points fix securely into the frame keep?

Locking Cylinder

The single most important part of the Door Security – always check to see if the lock has 3 stars stamped into its face. This means it has been awarded Diamond standard by the Master Locksmiths Association.

The Glass

Often overlooked, ensure that the door is internally glazed and ideally fitted with a laminated glass.

What to Look For in Your New Front Door

Individual requirements can differ, but your new front should always have these benefits:

  • Looks good and works with the rest of the design of your house
  • Has high security features and a 3* locking system
  • Supported by a secure frame
  • With internally fitted glass
  • Made to measure and fitted perfectly by skilled craftsmen
  • Be easy to maintain and clean
  • Help to reduce external noise
  • With high energy efficiency rating to reduce draughts and reduce energy bills
  • A 10 year no quibble guarantee
  • And that will ultimately add value and curb appeal to your home


What type of door is best for my home?

Here are a few simple questions which might help you find the perfect front door for your home. It will often come down to budget, but also you need to take into account the look and style of door you require.

  • uPVC – up to a 30 year lifespan with minimum maintenance
  • Composite - up to a 35 year lifespan with minimum maintenance
  • Timber – can last a lifetime, but will need constant maintenance
  • Aluminium – the most robust material with a lifespan of at least 45 years

When choosing your new front door also take into account the style of your house:

  • Modern Properties – Aluminium or Composite Doors
  • Period Properties - Composite Doors or Wooden
  • Modern Townhouses – Composite or uPVC Panel Doors
  • Traditional Townhouses – Wooden or Composite Doors


Remember when you are getting a quotation it is more than just the Door, with Finesse it is the knowledge that every part of the product is built properly by our team in-house; every Door is installed by our own team of skilled fitters and every installation is managed with care. It is what Finesse Windows have been built on for the last 40 odd years of supplying uPVC and Aluminium double glazing windows, doors and conservatories to customers in and around Birmingham and the West Midlands and what in 2021 resulted in Finesse Windows winning the Which? Trusted Traders – Trader of the Year Award.

The best way to find out how much replacement Front Door will cost you is really simple – give us a call. One of our Design Experts will visit and work out the right price for the right solution to your needs with NO OBLIGATION to buy. No hard sell or pressure techniques favoured by our competition, just simple clear transparent facts and pricing, with the knowledge that should you choose Finesse Windows, every element will have been Designed, Manufactured and Fitted with Care – what price can you put on that!

Every type of door is different and so are the cost associated with the design, manufacture and installation. On average you can expect to pay somewhere between £800.00 to £2500.00 for a standard front door and between £1750.00 to £4500.00 for something custom made.

Black Elegance Door with Chrome Furniture


What makes up the cost of a new Front Door?

Sometime many visits are required for you to feel comfortable with making such high value purchases. We don’t charge for design visits and consultations, we can provide material colour samples, you can visit our showroom, and walk around the factory to see where the magic happens in production.

There are so many decisions for you to make; the door type, the door style, the frame colours, the glass design and door structure – we don’t believe in one size fits. Every door manufactured by Finesse Windows is made to measure and designed to your exact needs.


Manufacture And Installation

From survey through to final installation every stage of the door manufacture and installation is checked. During manufacture a door will go through 7 checked individual stages of manufacture and then is inspected by our Factory Manager who checks one last time before the windows leave the building. We are proud to be able to say our windows are MANUFACTURED IN BIRMINGHAM

We continually invest in improving our products as technologies change; we always want our doors to be the most secure, thermally efficient, strong and stylish products on the market.

Our fitting teams are all MTC approved which means they are capable of fitting products to meet building regulation standards. They also understand this is your home and will treat it with care.

It goes without saying that we want all of our projects to look incredible and this is achieved by using the finest materials and the latest manufacturing techniques to bring a vision to life. Something that we hear all the time is ‘well a door is just a door isn’t it’ – well we believe that just isn’t true. Some of the misconception that leads people to believe that all doors are the same stems from the fact that from the outside it’s true to say – most doors do look very similar. But the difference lies in all of the things that you can’t actually see from the outside...

A typical Elegance uPVC Door from Finesse will have:

  • Full Steel & Aluminium reinforced structure
  • A multipoint locking mechanism secured by design specification
  • uPVC Panes with MDF reinforcing
  • High security hinges anchored into steel reinforcing with additional hinge protectors as standard
  • Internally glazed, toughened sealed units with Argos gasfilled cavities
  • Ultion 3* Locking Cylinder fitted as standard

Unlike some companies, we have the opportunity to guarantee this quality too, thanks to our approach that encompasses the entire process, from design all the way through to manufacture, installation and aftercare.



We want you to be 100% happy with your installation, so we will arrange for our Customer Care Supervisor to visit you on the day of completion or shortly after to make sure you are happy.

A Finesse installation gives you peace of mind of an insurance backed comprehensive 10 year guarantee or as we prefer to call it our DECADE OF CARE.



You need to consider what your home looks like, where your home is and the colour of the brick and building materials of your home should also be considered.

A Finesse installation gives you peace of mind of an insurance backed comprehensive 10 year guarantee or as we prefer to call it our DECADE OF CARE.

Normally we would be expecting to have your new front door installed from about 4-6 weeks from order and survey – coloured doors and finishes will add 1-2 weeks to this. However, current lead times are nearer 10 – 12 weeks due to ongoing supply chain issues within the Fenestration Industry. Please speak to one of our Design Experts who will be able to offer a more accurate lead time.

A new front door can take anywhere from 4 hours to a full day for a complete install.

After agreeing a contract we then take a 25% deposit which is then covered by a statutory 14 day cooling off period, whereby you can cancel the order if you wish with no financial repercussions. 

During this 14 day period we carefully measure the exact sizes of all items to be manufactured by way of technical survey. We double check everything that has been agreed and ensure that all the specifications match your expectations. We also take the time to carry out a risk assessment of your property. 

Finesse Windows then start the manufacturing process, ensuring at every stage we are working to our high quality standards. During this manufacturing process, we will contact you to arrange and confirm the Installation Date. Before each and every Window leaves the factory our Factory Supervisor personally checks every single manufactured item to ensure it is perfect.

We contact you by post to offer you a firm installation date which you can confirm or re-arrange. On the day of installation our fitting team will work with you to ensure minimum disruption and mess to your family and your home. They bring their own doormats and vacuum. Upon completion the Installation Team will do a final review with you by taking you around your installation in your home and showing you all aspects of the installation to ensure the expected high quality levels of finish have been met.

Finesse Windows honour your 10 year After-Care service promise should you ever need to contact us. It is common for our clients to contact us two or three times during their ‘decade of care’ to attend to minor issues that emerge from time to time and to ensure the installation is maintained to a high standard.

Black Elegance Door with Chrome Furniture 2
Black Elegance Door with Chrome Furniture 3



Our detailed design consultations with you will help make the most of a massive range of choice in colours, materials and styles. By bringing together your aspirations with our expertise, we’ll make sure you get the perfect results you want. As everything’s built to order in our own factory, you know the virtual will become a practical reality. Selecting the perfect material, colour and glass option for your front door can completely transform your home’s overall look.


Choose from our standard designs or simply design your own, for example if you are looking for something more traditional then the Elegance Range range brings together classic design with modern materials and up-to-date technology to provide superior build quality without compromising on aesthetics.

Our designers are here to help you visualise your door, and using our advanced design software can give you a digital visualisation of what your new door will look like on your home.


Choose from a number of standard glass designs including Diamond Bevel no colour, Diamond Bevel with colour, Curved Bevel no colour, Curved Bevel with colour, Art Deco Inspired no colour, Art Deco Inspired with Colour or design your own.


Your new front door can be tailored to reflect your individual yule. If traditional white isn’t your preference you can select from any of our standard colours shown below to the frame or the sash or even both; we also offer a bespoke colour matching service.


Again this is where you make your new door personal to you, from numbers, handles, letter plates and knockers it really is down to you!

Window bars can be applied to both uPVC and Wooden Windows and can add both a stunning decorative touch but also can be matched to the finish and colour of the window panes.


The type of threshold you choose is very important as your choice will affect the way in which your door performs. A low threshold offers a minimal step-over which is excellent from an accessibility point of view - whereas a UPVC threshold is unbeatable at protecting you from water ingress and draughts.



Our Finesse team thrives on customer satisfaction. From first contact through to aftercare, every company representative strives to exceed your expectations. People are at the centre of everything we do, we understand the value of personal relationships throughout your journey with us.

Quality matters and we achieve award-winning results because we work closely with you, our customer, to ensure we deliver a product you are delighted with. Our overarching aim is to complete your project in the most efficient way possible and to leave you with the feeling that the investment you have made in your home improvement is the best money you have ever spent on your home.

Our customers often tell us that it is our unique ‘Finesse Way’ that impresses them the most. Ensuring they return to us for future home improvements and regularly recommending us to their friends and family. Our expertise, care and attention to detail enables us to provide a product and breadth of service that is unparalleled and has seen us collect many awards over the decades. One of the awards we are most proud of is winning the Which? Trusted Trader of the Year award 2021.

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Standing out from the crowd with a can-do attitude and ongoing charity work. Finesse Windows Limited has been named Which? Trusted Trader of the Year 2021


The Finesse Way - 6 Stage Process

Our entire six stage process takes place in house under one roof. Giving you peace of mind that you will be guided throughout your entire journey with us. Our partnership with you begins with stage 1 and continues throughout stage 6 and beyond.

Stage 1


The design process helps you make an informed decision on your home improvement investment. Your designer will show you a sample of the products in our range so you can see and feel the quality of our products. They will bring your design to life by superimposing it onto photographs of your home to help you visualise the end product. Your designer would also be delighted to invite you to our showroom to demonstrate the majority of the products we manufacture. They will also take you on a tour of our production factory.

Stage 2


During the survey stage an MTC accredited surveyor will visit your home and measure exact sizes for the product you have chosen. They will also check for building regulation compliance.

Stage 3


During the production stage your chosen product will be manufactured in our own onsite production factory y our team of experience craftsmen. Manufacturing our own products enables us to have full control of the quality and specification of your product.

Stage 4


The installation of your chosen product will be completed by accomplished MTC accredited installers. They will ensure our unique installation standards are adhered to, while also looking after your home with keen attention to detail. Our installation supervisory team are also on hand throughout the length of your install to ensure a smooth and pleasant experience.

Stage 5


On completion of your project, when we leave your home, that is not the end of our commitment to you. Our dedicated service team are on hand should you have any further queries or questions.

Stage 6

Decade of Care

On completion of your installation, you have peace of mind that you are protected by the most comprehensive warranty in the industry. Throughout your decade of care, if required, you can count on our dedicated team of service engineers to attend to any potential remedial work.



Finesse has been leaving a smile on the face of happy customers for over four decades. We are immensely proud of our track record for customer satisfaction, which reflects in hundreds of positive reviews and word of mouth recommendations.

However, it is not only our customers that are impressed by the work we do. Finesse is also recognised and accredited by the following bodies, each of which operates with consumers in mind:


Finesse Windows Ltd is a member of The Glazing Arbitration Scheme (TGAS), the primary alternative dispute resolution scheme in the glazing industry.


Which? is the go-to brand for trust and integrity throughout the UK and Finesse is proud to be an accredited Which? Trusted Trader, as well as a multi-time Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award recipient. In 2021, Finesse won the Which? Trusted Trader of the Year Award.


FENSA is the government-authorised scheme that ensures all new window and door installations comply with current building regulations. Every door and window we produce is crafted to FENSA guidelines, and our continued accreditation is based on monthly spot-checks and project audits.


FairTrades HomePro provides our Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG). An IBG is a mandatory requirement within the glazing industry and provides customers with unparalleled peace of mind. FairTrades independently checks every Finesse Windows installation and publishes customer feedback on their website.


The British Fenestration Ratings Council is responsible for the assessment of the insulation properties of doors and windows, and they provide official ratings accordingly. Each of our windows is assessed and accredited, and we hold two direct licenses with the BFRC.


BuildCheck carries out annual audits on all Finesse Windows processes to verify our continued BFRC accreditation. Spot checks across our design, manufacturing and purchasing processes verify that all our products meet prescribed specifications.


No Rogue Traders Here works with the councils and trading standards offices of Birmingham, Solihull, Wolverhampton and Warwickshire to verify the integrity and quality of Finesse installations. We are proud to be a recommended trader under the scheme.

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