Shield Protection

Shield Protection from Finesse Windows has been designed exclusively with the worlds largest glass manufacturer, Saint Gobain, to provide you with increased security, a reduction in noise pollution and 99% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

We believe that Shield Protection glass is the most secure glass you can install whilst retaining your window’s A-rating, providing you and your home with the best protection possible.


Shield Protection Glass is 18 times stronger and more resistent to intruder access using an implement than standard toughened safety glass.


Shield Protection Glass will give a further 20% reduction in Decibels from external noise pollution – the built-in acoustic layer keeps noise where it belongs – outside!


Shield Protection Glass will protect your home and your family reflecting up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Shield Protection Glass


Key Features

With reported burglary on the increase in the West Midlands, up by 10% in the last 12 months alone (Source: Birmingham Mail), few people are aware of the options available to them not only from the frame and installation, but also with glass options.

In our experience, it always used to be the case that burglars would attempt to break through Windows and Doors by jemmying the frame, or to try and force their way through locking systems. Our locking systems in our re-infoirced UPVC frames are virtually impregnable and it’s extremely rare for a burglar to gain access in this way.

Nowadays, some burglars have realised that locking systems are very good at keeping them out, so they have switched their efforts to breaking the glass instead. This method of break in, has gained popularity because although it is high-risk for the burglar (it’s obviously a noisy way for entry which can attract attention) it is by far the fastest way to gain access.

How can Shield Protection help?

“In controlled tests it took 18 times longer to gain access through a window with Shield Protection Glass against standard toughened safety glass”.

Test Results:

Standard A Rated sealed unit – 8 Seconds to gain full access using a hammer.

Toughened* A Rated sealed unit – 10 Seconds to gain full access using a hammer.

Shield Protection A rated sealed unit – 144 Seconds to gain full access using a hammer (and then Sledge Hammer).

Full videos of these are available to view on Finesse Windows YouTube Channel.

*It is crucial to understand that the industry standard terminology “toughened safety glass” does not mean that the glass is secure in any way. Toughened glass is not capable of preventing a smash attack by a burglar. The phrase “toughened safety glass” refers to the process that this particular type of glass has gone through in order to give it it’s safety features – i.e. a piece of “toughened glass” has been heat treated to change it’s properties and will shatter into thousands of small harmless pieces when broken. 

The World Health Organisation states that noise is the 2nd biggest environmental issue we face today after air pollution. Our design team would look to fully evaluate your property and identify areas of the house which might benefit from Shield Protection.

Noisy neighbours, barking dogs and the continual drone of traffic noise & emergency service sirens are all common culprits when it comes to disturbing our peace & quiet. A standard A-rated window will help to combat these unwanted disturbances, but if a good night’s sleep and generally quieter, more comfortable home environment is important to you, then you should consider adding Shield Protection to your installation. It’s built-in acoustic layer keeps noise where it belongs – outside!

How can Shield Protection help?

“Shield Protection will provide a further 20% reduction in Decibel levels from external noise pollution compared to a standard A-rated sealed unit”.

Everyone knows that the sun’s rays contain ultraviolet light (UV) which can damage your furniture and carpets, but most importantly be harmful to you and your family. Elegance windows & Doors, with added Shield Protection, gives you peace of mind that your installation is helping to reduce the damage that UV rays can cause and thus protect your home and family.

How can Shield Protection help? 

“Shield Protection will protect your home and your family reflecting up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays”.

  • Full Steel Reinforcing
  • Locking Points with Shootbolt Locking System & Key Locking Handles
  • High Security Hinges and Hinge Protectors
  • High Security Cams, Sash Claws & Keeps
  • Police Approved ‘Secure by Design’ Locking Technology
  • Internal Glazing with Argon Filled units for superior insulation
  • BFRC A Rated as standard

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