Frequently Asked Questions

All our windows are fully reinforced with steel, with every screw being firmly anchored into it.

The glass or panelled units in all the windows manufactured by Finesse Windows are all fixed into position using internal glazing beads. This crucial detail makes it impossible to de-glaze the unit from the outside – a burglars favourite method of entry.

Finesse Windows handles can be key locked to give you further protection and peace of mind. Key locking handles can often be a requirement of your home insurance policy.

All hinges used on our windows are fitted to high security specification. They add to the security of the window by locking the sash into position as it locates into the frame.

The Finesse Windows shootbolt locking mechanism ensures that the opening windows are secured at their most vulnerable points on the window.

Each sash has a series of security cams with mushroom heads. In addition to assist in compressing the double sealed gaskets forming an air tight seal they engage into high security keeps running along the opening side of the sash which drastically increases the windows security.

To provide maximum security at the locking handle area of an opening sash we install 2 high security claws that secure themselves to the fully reinforced frame, thus ensuring that a potential intruder will not be able to force the window open.

Our zinc cast keeps are extremely robust, and secure the shootbolts into our fully reinforced frames.

We fit these to all sashes to further protect against crowbar attack. The hinge protectors clamp together under attack, making it almost impossible to force the sash open.

Bifold doors are mostly used as back door, offering a large expanse of glass to see through! They hinge and slide, allowing you to fully open the door.  This is ideal for living areas and dining rooms where you want to create a sense of space.  Perfect for bringing the outside in.

Yes, our range of bifold doors offers excellent security, with Ultion locks fitted as standard across the range.  These locks pass all the British standards for security, allowing you peace of mind that your bifold doors are the most secure!

Yes, we have a range of colour options to use on the inside or outside of the frame.  See the range of colours on our Birmingham bifold doors page.  We also have a choice of glass options.  Why not try out special Shield Protection glass, offering a reduction in noise and UV rays – it is also much stronger than standard window glass.

We work throughout the Birmingham area and supply, fit and service doors in this area. Contact us to see if we are in your area.

You can either book an appointment for a free consultation at our showroom, or you can request a free home survey visit with our team.  Here you can discuss the options right for your home. Or why not come to see us at our showroom in Birmingham?  You can find the details for our showroom on our website.

Finesse Windows are a FENSA registered company. Upon the completion of your project we register your details with FENSA who will send your Certificate of Registration to you directly. We recommend that you retain this certificate in a safe place as they are important and are required by solicitors if you come to sell your property in the future.

Our skilled fitting team work diligently to reduce any mess or inconvenience to you and your property during fitting.

Our team will bring their own doormats and dustsheets and will vacuum and mess cause during the installation process.

Yes! Our fitters are very conscientious and will always cover your floor around the installation area with dust sheets. We also cover any other items you would like us to e.g. televisions / furniture / valuable items. We cover the route we are walking into the room we are working in too – this includes covering staircases as well.

In fact we also bring our own door mats – so that we don’t have to make yours dirty walking in & out of your home!

We come armed with dust sheets as a matter of course – but please do just ask our fitters for more if you have any concerns – they will be happy to oblige.

We strongly reject and never take part in the typical ‘double glazing’ pricing model of giving a high first price – only then to reduce the price based on fictional discounts or any other type of misleading sales techniques. We reject any type of pressure selling.

Instead we always take a full survey of the requirements of every job we are invited to quote for. We price each piece of work as competitively as we can to allow for the full and correct installation. We understand that customers will always naturally strive to gain value for money and we ensure that all our processes are designed to achieve exactly that.

We stand by our assertion that the products we manufacture and the service we provide is unparalleled in our industry. We charge what we believe to be a fair price for the level of quality that we deliver. We firmly believe that we offer extremely good value for money. Indeed – the latest numbers from over 2,000 reviews from our customers show that we are rated as 9.27 out of 10 in terms of ‘value for money’

All Finesse Windows installations are covered by an insurance backed 10 year guarantee covered by Fairtrades Homepro.

This independent insurance backed guarantee covers all parts and labour for all our window, door and conservatory installation.

An ‘A rated’ window is one that is exceptionally effective at gaining free heat energy from outside and then keeping valuable heat inside your home.

A window can only be classified as ‘A rated’ if it has been tested by an independent, certified organisation against energy efficiency criteria and been found to meet or surpass the specified requirements.

To enable a window to be classified as ‘A rated’ its various properties are measured and the results are then accumulated into just one simple figure. The figure dictates where the window can be classified on the A to G scale in terms of its energy efficiency. An A rated window is one that achieves an excellent score on this scale.

Common misconceptions

Many people mistakenly talk about ‘A rated glass’ or ‘B rated glass’. This is largely born from the fact that most people think that the energy efficiency of a window depends solely on the glass being used. This is a common misconception. There is actually no such thing as ‘A rated glass’.

When a window is being assessed to judge its energy efficiency rating a number of factors are considered and measured, not just the glass. The other components of a window that are just as important as the glass are:

  • the UPVC being used – including how many internal insulating chambers it possesses
  • the reinforcing material being used inside the UPVC to give the window strength
  • the effectiveness of the window to form a tight seal when closed – eliminating draughts
  • and finally the glass type is considered as part of the overall window composition

Free energy!

The testing procedure to gauge the energy efficiency of a window is designed to not only look at how effective a window is at keeping valuable heat inside your home – it is equally designed to assess how well a window can capture free heat energy from the sun. This free energy is described as solar gain (g). The solar gain factor has a large influence on the overall rating given to a window.

Yes, we are able to remove all existing hardward and in the cases of replacement porches and conservatories bases should this be required. We have processes in place whereby we currently recycle almost XYZ% of project related waste.

All of our doors are available in a large range of colours, allowing you to match the colour to that of your home’s decor, inside and out; you can even select a colour combination with one colour for the inside and a different colour for the outside.

From standard colours, such as white, black and grey to the more modern on trend gun metal grey and soft natural green. We can also match to exacting colour requirements but this will have an effect on lead time and costs.

Finesse Windows are proud to manufacture our windows and doors in our Kings Norton, Birmingham factory. This single facility covers both the show area, where people can see our work in action and experience various materials and techniques to assist in making a decision of their own, and also the manufacturing area. We really do it all under one roof! There, customers can see first-hand just how much care and effort goes into every project that we undertake and even get to know the people that will be responsible for making their home improvement dreams into a reality. From our windows to our UPVC doors in Birmingham we’re proud to do every step.

If you are having new windows installed upstairs and downstairs we would always prefer to start on the upstairs windows first and then work our way downwards. We would always advise against fitting new windows downstairs and then ripping out windows above them – because of the danger of dirt falling downwards on to the newly fitted windows below.

If you are having Roofline (fascias & soffits) installed as well as new windows – we would always try to fit the roofline first for the same reasoning as the explanation above for the windows.

We will always seek to work with our clients to make sure that we follow a convenient route around their home if there is a particular requirement. e.g. If you prefer that we start in a bedroom first thing to allow you to use an office space in the morning – or if you want us to avoid a kitchen area at lunch time – just ask us and we will do our utmost to accommodate.

The answer to this question depends entirely on the features you choose to include in your conservatory build.

If you do intend to use your conservatory throughout all the seasons the most important things to consider are 1) how can you insulate it to make it useable in the Winter and 2) how can you keep it cool in the Summer.

Taking each point in turn there are various ways in which your design choices can make or break the usability of the room you are building:

Insulation in Winter. 

The features you need to build in to your design include, adding at least 50mm of insulation into the base of the conservatory floor; adding at least 50mm of insulation into any brick walled areas; using A-rated windows in the sides of the conservatory to retain as much heat as possible inside the room; using a good quality insulating glass unit in the roof. And finally you do need to add at least one heat source into the room. Underfloor heating is a good, non-intrusive option – but you may find that you also need to add a secondary source of heating too. You may consider adding an electric radiator or even extending your home gas fired central heating into the new room too. This is allowable as long as the radiator can be isolated from the main home heating.

If you use a good mix of these insulating and heating features you will find that your conservatory is a room you can comfortably enjoy throughout the Winter.

Cooler in the Summer.

The main area you need to address to achieve this is to concentrate on the roof. The roof design is a crucial component in this respect because its location & positioning dictates that it bears the brunt of the heat from the Sun. It is advisable to invest in a high quality glass solution for the roof which is designed to reflect as much of the Sun’s heat as possible. This is achieved by the coating that is placed on the face of the glass. The coating also cuts out much of the glare from sunlight that can make it uncomfortable to be inside the room.

The ultimate way to ensure that a conservatory is usable all year round is to consider adding a ‘solid roof’ instead of a glazed one. The addition of a solid roof is by far the most effective way of blocking out the effects of the Sun and also to provide the maximum levels of insulation possible.

Our Design Team will advise you on whether or not planning permission is needed and/or building regulation approval is required. As part of our service, we apply and manage this process on your behalf.

Lead time on conservatories is very much dependent on your chosen design and particular specific requirement, plus if we have to apply for building regulations approval.

Finesse Windows will always attempt to work to your preferred timescales however an average timescale would be approximately 8 – 10 weeks from confirmation of order.

Yes, in 2017 we added a new range of Solid-Roof Conservatories to our Conservatory offering. A Solid-Roof extension gives almost endless options and there is plenty of scope for design enhancements which our Design Team would be please to discuss with you. Click here to see our range.

Noise pollution is a big problem, especially in busy towns and cities.  Triple glazing can have some success in reducing noise, however because it is produced with an extra layer of glass, it can end up just exacerbating the vibrations from external noise!

Our special acoustic glass is made up of 3 parts – 2 layers of glass which sandwich a layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) which really helps to minimise external noise.

We are the premier window and door installers in Birmingham, offering a fantastic range of windows, doors and conservatories. We have an excellent track record and have won the Which? Trusted Trader of the Month award! We offer our windows and doors at exceptional prices with a friendly service our customers love.

We are easy to get hold of – simply contact us using our website form, call us on 0121 222 1584 or come to visit us in our Finesse Showroom! Details can be found on our site on the contact us page.

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