Why You Need a Double Glazed Front Door

If opportunity doesn’t knock build a door– Milton Berle

Sometimes we stare so long at a door that’s closing that we see too late one that is opening– Alexander Graham Bell

Who would have thought that there are so many quotations about doors? This is because the metaphors represent opportunity and ways of changing your lifestyle. This is exactly how we feel about double glazed front doors at Finesse Windows.

Why change your door?

Get the Look:

A front door is the entrance to your home, the gateway to your castle! It is the first thing that people look at as they approach your home. We offer many styles of doors at Finesse which will compliment your home, superb Palladio doors which range from traditional cottage styles to ultra modern styles with statement handles, or you could choose one of our bespoke Elegance Range doors handmade in our own factory to your requirements. We also provide a wide range of composite and panel doors in a whole host of colours, minimal or decorative we will have one to suit. Colour is very important: a blue front door is said to suggest a feeling of prosperity, green can represent balance, peace and harmony, and red simply suggests a warm welcome. What would you like your door to say about you?


All of our double glazed doors have been designed with security as a priority. How many times do you open and close your door in a day? We rely on our doors to let us in and out with ease but at the same time keep our home safe and secure. If you take a look at our video within our website you can see one of our Elegance doors being put through the most rigorous testing. In fact, our doors pass the British standard for high security 3 times over. All of our doors have a Multi-Point-Lock which engages the lock at multiple locations that along side high security hinges and steel reinforced frames, guards against forced entry. Our locks are anti-drill, anti-snap and bump resistant which you may have heard about in recent media reports. Combined with toughened glass and reinforced security panels we truly believe that they are the most secure doors that you can buy.

Maintenance free

Finesse door are created from materials that are virtually maintenance free, a quick wipe over with a damp cloth from time to time is the only up keep they require. Our doors are constructed from uPVC with a smooth or woodgrain effect finish, or if you opt for a Palladio door it will have a Monocoque structure, which happens to be one of the strongest materials you can purchase as it is used in the construction of the fuselage on aeroplanes.

Energy efficient:

A well fitted double glazed door can transform your home but also help to keep it warm. There is nothing nicer than coming into you home and locking the door knowing that you have sealed out the elements and draughts and are not allowing any precious heat to escape.

A door for every purpose:

Of course we can advise and design doors that would be most suitable for a back, side or entrance to a garage door which look great but also retain all of the security features of a front door. We also specialise in sliding Patio doors, French doors and Bi-folding doors. We are thrilled about adding our latest product to our door collection, the New Wave door, which gives endless opportunities to really open out you home into the garden.

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