What’s the difference between French Doors and Patio Doors?


Our award winning team at Finesse Windows fit both Patio and French Doors right across Birmingham and the West Midlands. Both are designed with a focus on bringing light into a room while showing off a garden space, and working with Finesse design team can lead to the creation of a stunning, secure option to be proud of.


What’s the difference between French Doors and Patio Doors?

In simple terms, the most noticable difference is how they open. French Doors are double doors that swing open on hinges as per most conventional doors, where as Patio Doors on the other hand open by sliding along a fixed track. French Doors also tend to be used on properties with less space as they do tend to be smaller.  Both can be exceptionally stylish addidtions to any home.


French Doors - adding the Wow-Factor

French Doors/Windows are one of the best ways to help flood your home with natural light; they are also a great way to create a sense of space in your room - helping bring the outside in. All our doors are fitted with the high standards of security features (This incorporates multi-point locks and also an ‘anti-jacking’ system, which effectively prevents the door from being lifted up from outside) and meet Police approved "Secure By Design" standards, and with the advances in technology can help improve energy effociency over an older door. 

French doors are the ideal solution for anyone that is looking to incorporate a certain elegance to the door itself, while also making the most of the open walking space created. They represents one of the very best ways to enhance your living space, while still retaining the imprtance of security, and comfort.


Patio Doors - A modern comtemporary solution

Sliding Patio Doors are a smart practical way to let more light into your home and tend to have a more contemporary look and feel than French Doors. Available in both UPVC and Aluminium. Sliding patio doors provide ease of access, as they can effectively open up an entire wall. We can design and build two, three, and four pane versions and create doors of up to 6 metres in width.

Some older designs of Patio Doors can have cause for concern when it comes to security measures. Our uPVC patio doors are hand-made in our factory and feature all of the latest benefits and technological inclusions that have always allowed our doors to stand out in the crowd and will match the upvc windows that are also offered on this site.

Sliding patio doors, like French Doors, are all about creating great views of the outside while opening up a living space so you can enjoy your garden views all year round. 


If you have any questions or require any further information, alternately if you are considering looking at either French or Sliding Patio Doors please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 451 3724 or email us here.







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