The Difference a Finesse Door Makes

It is fair to say that one of the first thoughts that some potential customers may have when they see that we make each and every one of our doors on site is that such a hands-on approach may be unnecessary. After all, it is eminently possible to go to a DIY store and pick up a door, and potentially even fit it yourself. However, we take such pride in our doors for a number of reasons and there are various factors that make a Finesse door, dare we say, better than any off the shelf solution.

Designed with Security and Efficiency in Mind

It can be hard to tell exactly what is within the panels of a door that is bought off the shelf, but the chances are that it will come nowhere near the security and insulation elements contained within something that is built for you. Indeed, anywhere that sells an off the shelf door has bulk in mind and is generally willing to cut a few corners to serve the largest possible market. Our inclusions, such as multiple locking points and a sealed design, are by no means industry standard and so in making use of a ‘jack of all trades’ door, you could well be missing out on the latest quality of life improvements.

Keeping up with Regulations

Even something as relatively simple as installing a door in a property must nowadays be verified as complying with regulatory standards. A fitting company such as Finesse, especially with FENSA accreditation as we hold, will issue a building regulations certificate following the installation of a door. However, installing a door yourself will legally compel you to contact the local council in order to arrange for a building inspector to visit, with the costs passed on to you. This could well go smoothly, and could be money well spent. However, if there are any problems at all then the homeowner is in contravention of the law and will be expected to rectify the issue, again at their own cost, within a relatively short timeframe.

Get it Guaranteed

Installing the door yourself, or even using a small company to do so, means that there are no solid guarantees behind the work. In manufacturing our own doors, we know just how good they are and can confidently back our work up with guarantees that can effectively last for decades. The fact that we have been in business since 1981 can also provide assurances to clients that we will be around long into the future and will be able to make good on our guarantees should anything go wrong.

We have immense confidence in our doors, to the point that we believe them to be the most secure, thermally efficient products in the UK. There are many options out there when it comes to putting in a new front or back door but if you would like to benefit from expert input, a custom design that reflects your ideas and a guarantee of quality spanning a number of years then you should definitely get in touch using the details over on the contact page.

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