One of the best things about working with Finesse is that no matter whether you want a single window or a full home extension, our experts are on hand to guide you through the process. We have seen a lot of different projects in our time and are able to point things in the right direction no matter the planning stage you are at, even if you have got no further than saying ‘I want a conservatory’. However, some customers like to do some of the groundwork before even contacting us and here on today’s blog, we’re going to take a look at some of the most important things to keep in mind when planning a conservatory.

Planning Permission

We are used to building conservatories in some of the most awkward spaces known to man, but the biggest hurdle to completing a project can often be planning permission. It is required for any project that sees the building on or change in use of land. Fortunately, as a conservatory is generally built on your own private property and out of view of the front of the building, it is rarely an issue. Nevertheless, our comprehensive conservatory planning service will take permission into account and we will be able to provide the plans and related documentation for submission where required.

The Look

Far be it from us to come to your home and tell you what you should be having by way of a conservatory! It can often be a good idea to decide on the general appearance of the conservatory so that you can visualise exactly what you are looking to achieve. You may want something that looks like it was part of the original build of the house, or may instead opt for something bold and new to make a statement that the home has been improved. Either way, it can be worth browsing through various designs and styles in order to come up with a general idea and you can find a variety of options right here on the site.

Space Concerns

One of the most obvious yet often forgotten elements of installing a conservatory is that part of the existing garden space will be lost. While it is natural to want the conservatory to be as large as possible, it is important to assess how much of the garden will remain and whether that will be suitable for your requirements. One thing that need not be of worry when planning it out is awkward shapes and sizes – as noted, we have just about seen it all and can adapt to just about any circumstances in order to deliver the home extension of your dreams.

A lot of work is required towards building the perfect conservatory, but here at Finesse we are happy to put in as much of that as required. We consider our client relationships to be partnerships but they certainly don’t need to be equal! Even if you really are only at the stage where you feel a conservatory would be a good idea, we are more than happy to help make your ideas into a reality and you can get in touch through the contact page or swing by at our showroom to set the wheels in motion.

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