• Great customer service can only be delivered when a true understanding of the customer experience is gained. Ellie’s initiative of post installation customer visits is fantastic in getting an insight to what went well and what could have been improved, judging by the feedback, the latter won’t be troubling the snorers at Finesse windows.

    I am always fascinated in unearthing the true motives in the decision making process and what really makes a difference, putting in place steps that replicate the experience will ultimately make the customer journey a truly rewarding experience, for everyone.

    • Finesse Windows

      Thank you for your comment Joe. We place a strong emphasis on customer service here at Finesse. Our aim is to provide a creative, practical and secure solution for all our customers across a broad range of home improvement options.
      Our philosophy is based on exactly that; striving to ensure the customer’s journey is gratifying and fulfilling from inception to fruition and beyond.
      Please stay in touch with us and keep up to date with all our developments, we’ll be posting frequently about Ellie’s experiences also.