Elegance Windows Strength Test

There is much more to the perfect window than simply how it looks in your home. All of the Finesse Elegance Windows and Doors feature Police approved “Secure By Design” locking technology so you’ll have the complete peace of mind that your home and belongings are safe from intruders.

All our Elegance windows and doors are fully steel reinforced and come with 8 locking points as standard. And if security is particularly important to you – speak to one of our design team about the option to upgrade to Laminated glass too. The addition of Laminated glass into our Elegance range of window and doors  will further enhance the security of your installation.

All our windows are fully reinforced with steel, with every screw being firmly anchored into it.

The glass or paneled units in all windows manufactured by Finesse Windows are all fixed into position using internal glazing beads. This crucial detail makes it impossible to de-glaze the unit from the outside – a burglars favourite method of entry.

Finesse Windows handles can be key locked to give you further protection and peace of mind. Key locking handles can often be a requirement of your home insurance policy.

All hinges used on our windows are fitted to high security specification. They add to the security of the window by locking the sash into position as it locates into the frame.

The Finesse Windows shoot bolt locking mechanism ensures that the opening windows are secured at their most vulnerable points on the window.

Each sash has a series of security cams with mushroom heads. They also assist in compressing the double sealed gaskets forming an air tight seal they engage into high security keeps running along the opening side of the sash which drastically increases the windows security.

To provide maximum security at the locking handle area of an opening sash we install 2 high security claws that secure themselves to the fully reinforced frame, thus ensuring that a potential intruder will not be able to force the window open.

Our zinc cast keeps are extremely robust and secure the shootbolts into our fully reinforced frames.

We fit these to all sashes to further protect against crowbar attack. The hinge protectors clamp together under attack, making it almost impossible to force the sash open.