Cleaning your Conservatory/Orangery?

Would you buy a nice new car then leave it slowly to rot away? Of course not, you keep it clean and take pride in it. When you decide to improve your home by adding a conservatory or an orangery to it, a decision quite likely based on improving your home and your lifestyle, you wan’t to look after your investment and keep it looking as good as new.

A conservatory looks great when its new; it becomes the new focal point of the house, but if you don’t look after it in the same way as you would your new car then it soon can develop a coating of dirt, bird droppings, moss, insects, and as a result of exposure to the UK weather. Its not always obvious until you take a close inspection.

Regular cleaning can help maintain your conservatory and keeping it looking as good as new; we recommend cleaning about 4 times a year – and apart from the obvious cosmetic benefits, this will also reduce the likely cost for repairs. Also if in the future you are looking to sell your home you will be able to present this additional luxury living space in its best condition to add value to your property.

Conservatories and Orangeries from Finesse Windows come with an option of self-cleaning glass on the roof sections, which the vast majority of our installations take up. Self-cleaning glass is coated with a substance which reacts with UV rays in daylight to breakdown organic dirt, which is then washed off by rain, or a gentle hosing.

Obviously, you can choose to use specialist companies; especially for the more hard to reach areas of the roof and/or cleaning out the gutters. You could however speak with your regular window cleaner who may be pleased to help.

If, however, you choose to clean your conservatory yourself, all you really need is soap and water and angle brushes, or a steam cleaner, alongside a ladder and bit of time !

Your cleaning checklist should be as follows, take it in small sections, starting from the top:

Gutters – they get blocked with vegetation but can be easily cleaned by simply scooping with your hand.

Glass & UPVC – If your glass gets dirty it will let in less light, and if there is algae on the outside of the PVC if left it will become harder to remove over time. Simply clean the glass, PVS Cladding, soffits and gutters.

Now that the outside of your conservatory is sparkling, you’ll want the inside to look equally as good. Don’t worry about keeping the glass smudge free. You can clean glass with a commercial cleaning product and paper towels, but vinegar and old newspapers work just as well.

So, now you have done this, you can sit back and relax in your stunning conservatory from Finesse Windows.

If you would like any further information on self-cleaning roof glass options, or for further information on our Solid-Roof conservatory range please contact one of the Design Team on 0121 451 3724.

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