Are your Windows & Doors ready for Winter?

As the darker nights loom over us, it’s common practice to make sure that your car is serviced, antifreeze at the ready, washers full, snow shovel in the boot… but what about your home?

In particular what about your windows and doors? after all not only is it important that they keep the cold out but you also want to keep those pesky burglars out. The most common cause of window damage is theft, closely followed by careless children, vandalism, locking yourself out and then accidents from inside the house

My advice is to have a quick look around at your windows and doors, are they all working properly, are the seals around the window tight to keep that chilling cold out.

Consider all the different areas in a house that usually has windows and which of these are prone to damages.

Consider whether the windows and doors are outdated or are they deteriorating? Maybe the company you bought your windows from have done a bad job and they won’t come out to fix them!

Are your doors secure, are the frames in need of some maintenance?

As you check your windows and doors hopefully they need little or no attention, but if they do, then don’t automatically think that replacing them is the only answer, sometimes they can be repaired at a fraction of the cost, so if you want honest and trustworthy advice for Birmingham window repairs or new upvc windows in birmingham, then Finesse is more than happy to help you!

Finesse offer a wide range of styles to suit your home, they have been operating in the Birmingham area for more than 34 years, so there is a wealth of experience and have an unbeatable after sales service.

If you are considering new upvc windows or doors, then Finesse will help you to consider what security measures you need when designing your new windows and doors.
They are also a local company, which means that you are talking to local people who know your area and your property, in fact they have been around that long they will probably have done wok on your road!

They have a speedy reaction time if a window is broken or damaged & can provide a service to secure the property whilst a replacement window or door is made.

Well I don’t know about you but I am going to make sure that I take some time to inspect my windows and doors ready for winter, and I definitely know who I am going to call if I need some help.

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