Affordable Windows !

Recently one of our existing customers contacted us to ask about a new quote for updating her windows and doors. “I am sure that your products have changed and are more up to date than the ones I have ” she said.

I asked her when she purchased her windows from us, “April 1981” she said, “in fact I was one of your first customers”

When I looked back through our records I discovered that she was actually one of our first ever customers, and for the last 34 years we have never had to visit her to perform any type of service or remedial work!

We promptly went out to see her and re-design her new double glazed windows and she was pleasantly surprised how much our new products had changed in respect of thermal efficiency, security, draught proofing, style, comfort and safety.

She expected the costs to have quadrupled, after all everything else has gone up that much since 1981, but she was pleasantly surprised to see that even with major technical advancements in the product specification, and even with the huge increase in labour, energy and material, she was amazed that the cost was only twice as much as she paid 34 years ago.

In 1981 she paid £4,500 for her windows, today her new windows were less than £9,000. As she considered the new quotation she kept going back in her mind to 1981,

“did you know a pint of beer in 1981 was just 53p and petrol was just 35p per litre. The average wage was just £7,000 a year and the average property price was just £24,000”

I could see why she was so shocked that our price had gone up so little compared to everything else. No wonder she thought her new Finesse Windows were such great value for money.

When I asked her if they were affordable windows, she said, “of course they are, if you are going to provide me with this level of quality and I don’t have to do anything with them for the next 34 years like the last ones, then they are the most affordable windows in the world.

I asked her if she had looked at any other companies for comparisons, “why would I do that?” she said, “you provided me with top quality products that have lasted me 34 years, in fact they don’t need changing now, it’s just that I am trying to make my home as thermally efficient as possible because of rising fuel costs, and with security being more important to me nowadays, I want to feel as safe as possible in my home”

She then said something which I amazed me, “did you know that the lady next door has had to replace their windows twice in the time that I have had mine, they had a quote from you when I did mine and they bought off someone else because they were a few hundred pounds cheaper, but they had had to change them again since then, so overall they have paid more than double than I have paid”

I couldn’t argue with her comments, and she is of course absolutely right, so many people in trying to save money end up with poorer quality products and service that costs them additional cost and aggravation in the future. So, if you are looking for affordable windows, remember that the purchase price might not be the true cost, unless of course you CHOOSE FINESSE WINDOWS!

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