What happens when I request a quote from Finesse Windows?

It’s difficult knowing what to expect from a window company, especially when most window and double glazing companies have done little to alleviate the fears and negative connotations associated with the industry.

Here at Finesse, we strive hard to offer a distinctly different service in comparison to all other window companies in Birmingham. This blog post is written to let you know exactly what happens when you request a quote from Finesse, so you know that you can trust in us.

“The whole process starts with understanding the customer’s needs. This is crucial to make sure we deliver the right job to each individual customer. We believe people should see what they are getting before they buy so a visit to our factory showroom is a real must.” – Paul Spencer, Sales Manager.

We know how difficult a decision it can be to choose a company to perform a big job or project. That’s why at Finesse, we want to make sure that you are 100% clear on what we’ll be doing and the design before you sign any contracts.

As our video explains, when you request a quote, one of our expert advisors will visit you for a consultation. They will bring samples and a tablet laptop, and will help you design your dream door/window/conservatory etc. Once designed, a quote will be generated right then and there so you can see exactly what you’re paying for.

We are professionals and experts; as such, pushy sales techniques are a complete no-go area. If you have a consultation and decide you do not want to go ahead, that is your right as a customer and there are no hard feelings. However, we do guarantee that after a consultation, you will not want to use anyone other than Finesse.

We pride ourselves on delivering the best in customer care from start to finish (and beyond). All of our products carry a 10 year guarantee, so that you know that your products are future-proof.

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