Does Acoustic Glass make a difference?


‘Even in the most beautiful music, there are some silences, which are there so we can witness the importance of silence. Silence is more important than ever, as life today is full of noise. We speak a lot about environmental pollution but not enough about noise pollution.’ Andrea Bocelli

We are often asked for advice about how to reduce noise from the outside world entering the home. Increased time spent at home means that it is now more important to many people.

Installing quality double glazing can help with this alone but can adding Acoustic Glass really make a difference? Finesse recommends our Shield Acoustic Glass as a solution, but how effective is it?

What is Acoustic Glass?

Acoustic glass is a sandwich of two or more sheets of glass, heat or pressure bonded together with one or more acoustic polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayers. The interlayers act as a noise damper, weakening the energy of the sound waves as they travel through the glass. Finesse Shield also combines different pane thicknesses (4mm and a 6.8mm) with a cavity filled with Argon gas to help prevent more noise from entering homes.

The acoustic insulation properties of a window are measured with the ‘R’ sound reduction index. For example, a window with an R of 20 decibels should reduce a 60 dB outside traffic noise level to 40 dB within the room.

Will it shut out all noise?

Noise pollution can be in any combination of low, medium or high frequency sounds. Some types of frequencies are easier to block or reduce. High pitched sounds (carried by short sound waves) are easier to absorb but reducing low frequency noise such as traffic can be more difficult. Acoustic glass will never shut out all noise in all frequencies but it can certainly help.

Can I just change the glass and keep old frames?

The acoustic qualities of windows are determined by the glazing but also by the type of frame, assembly, and how the entire unit is installed. Acoustic glazing must be fitted in an effective and well-installed frame. Simply changing glass may have some effect but will not deliver the results that installing a new window in its entirety would. This is also true for only replacing one window in a property. For maximum benefit the entire property would need to be replaced with new frames containing Acoustic Glass.

What are the other benefits of Acoustic Glass?

Security. Burglars realise that modern locking systems, such as Finesse’s, are virtually impregnable thanks to their steel reinforcing, 8 point locking systems, high security hinges, security cams and keeps. Therefore, glass is often the target and is the window’s weak point especially at the rear of properties. Acoustic glass is much more difficult to smash because of the PVB layer. In fact we carried out our own tests to prove it.

> Standard A rated units = 8 seconds to gain entry using a hammer
> Toughened A rated units = 10 seconds to gain entry using a hammer
> Shield Acoustic Glass = 144 seconds to gain entry using a hammer and then a sledge hammer

Protection. Everyone knows that the sun's rays contain the ultraviolet light (UV) which can damage your furniture and carpets. Acoustic glass has a transparent film between the two layers which blocks out up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays by reflecting them away from your house.

If you have any questions or require any further information on Acoustic Glass solutions from Finesse Windows please do not hesitate to contact us on 0121 451 3724 or email us here.

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