Unveil the Grace of Crittall® Style Windows and Doors at Finesse

As Hagley's esteemed Crittall® Style Windows and Doors purveyor, Finesse Windows is celebrated for unparalleled service across the Hagley and Worcestershire locales. Established in 1982, our family-led venture has evolved to perfect the art of providing and installing the most exquisite Crittall® Style offerings.

Embracing Crittall® Style windows and doors by Finesse heralds a choice of distinguished design that seamlessly fuses classical allure with avant-garde efficiency. These windows, with their slender profiles and stately industrial elegance, are designed not merely for their visual gravity; they also elevate your abode's thermal performance and fortification. Bestow upon your residence the revered grandeur uniquely available through the Crittall® Style selection at Finesse Windows.

Five-Star Accolades

Our esteemed reputation is reflected in the multitude of exemplary reviews on Which? Trusted Trader, where we have been honoured with their prestigious Trusted Trader Award, affirming your decision in choosing us for assured excellence.


Assured Elegance and Security

Our Crittall® Style Windows and Doors from Finesse are fortified with sophisticated security systems so that tranquility and style coexist seamlessly in your Hagley dwelling. Featuring robust multi-point locks and reinforced glazing, they surpass the most demanding of safety protocols. Encounter the harmonious fusion of aesthetics and protection in our Crittall® Style collection.

Modern meets Traditional in Hagley

For those in Hagley, Finesse Windows represents the quintessence of integrating modern functionality with heritage design, especially with our Heritage Crittall® Style Windows and Doors. Exceeding traditional uPVC offerings, our Crittall® Style selection features the finesse of slender aluminium construction and the practicality of high-performance double glazing. Our family-centered firm prides itself on nurturing customer rapport and delivering impeccable standards, from customised designs to precise fitting. Discover esteemed craftsmanship and service that is the hallmark of Worcestershire homes.



From bow & bay double glazing windows, to fully bespoke project builds…



Traditional & contemporary designs.



Secure front door styles.



Enjoy additional space.


Home Improvements

From guttering to roofline repairs.

Advantages of Heritage Windows?

Heritage Crittall® Style Windows & Doors: Blending Classic Design with Modern Performance.


The formidable aluminium frames of our Crittall® Style Windows exude strength, promising enduring performance against the elements, perfectly complementing the enduring beauty of the heritage design.

Low Maintenance

Experience the genuine appearance without the hassle. Our Crittall® style aluminium frames demand minimal maintenance, merely a straightforward cleansing to maintain their elegance.

Thermally Sound

Featuring cutting-edge thermal break technology in our frames, paired with high-grade double glazing, our windows provide robust insulation, curbing heating costs and enhancing household comfort.


The Crittall® style frames we provide pay homage to their traditional roots with slender lines, and they come in a spectrum of colours to suit the unique character of your property.


Boasting the inherent sturdiness of aluminium and enhanced with multi-point locking mechanisms, our Crittall® style windows and doors enhance your home's defences, offering peace of mind against intrusions.


Opting for our aluminium frames is a step towards green living; these fully recyclable materials aid in environmental preservation without compromising their enduring aesthetic.


Investing in our Crittall® style Windows and Doors equates to acquiring a heritage enhancement that blends regal charm with fiscal prudence.

Lasting Integrity

Engineered to endure extreme weather conditions, our frames maintain structural and aesthetic fidelity throughout the seasons, safeguarding the perennial elegance of your home's traditional appearance.

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Download our free Crittall® Style brochure

Take a look at our latest Brochure to see just a few of our brilliant designs for your new windows. Simply fill in the form and instantly access our online brochure.


Refine Your Home with Classic Design

Venturing beyond standard Aluminium Windows & Doors, we at Finesse take great pleasure in presenting our Heritage Crittall® Style selection, an exemplary option to infuse your Hagley dwelling with an enduring class.

Bespoke Crittall® Style Artistry in Hagley

Elevating your home requires meticulous attention to detail, and our role is to ensure a seamless transition every step of the way. Finesse stands for more than just superior products; we deliver a comprehensive service tailored to your home’s unique requirements, guaranteeing robust security, superb thermal performance, and aesthetic excellence with our bespoke Heritage Crittall® Style Windows and Doors.

Custom-Tailored Crittall® Style Windows & Doors

In the realm of Hagley's architectural pieces, Finesse stands unrivalled as the purveyor of Heritage Crittall® Style Windows and Doors, curating a collection that melds classic allure with contemporary finesse. Our offerings are designed to honour the architectural heritage of your home or introduce an ageless charm to a new construction. Each piece in our Crittall® Style range is crafted to your exact specifications, ensuring a perfect complement to the individuality of your residence. Precision-engineered, our windows and doors mesh impeccably with your Worcestershire property's style, whilst advancing in performance and thermal efficiency. Indulge in the ultimate sophistication with our versatile, customisable Heritage Crittall® Style Windows and Doors.


Your Local Home Improvements Specialists

From our family to yours, we commit ourselves to providing unparalleled Heritage Crittall® Style Windows and Doors, meticulously crafted within the UK. Serving our Hagley and Worcestershire clientele, we ensure a bespoke service that's as individual as your needs.

Crittall® Style Windows and Doors Expertise in Hagley

For those in Hagley and across Worcestershire, the name Finesse Windows is tantamount to excellence. As connoisseurs in Crittall® Style Windows and Doors, our family-founded establishment has been infusing homes with a seamless combination of age-old aesthetics and contemporary innovation since 1982. Four decades on, our commitment to embedding the essence of heritage design within the fabric of Hagley residences stands unwavering, cementing our reputation for quality and garnering the enduring confidence of our clientele.

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