Acoustic Double Glazing

Safe listening levels and times have hit the news headlines recently with the World Health Organization suggesting that people should listen to music for no more than one hour a day to protect their hearing!

They have published some interesting guidelines for safe listening times:

90 db lawn mower – 2 hours and 30 minutes

105 db mp3 player at maximum volume – 4 minutes

115 db loud rock concert 28 seconds

(See the BBC News Health page for further information)

(Sourced from H.E.A.R

With so much environmental concern about increasing noise pollution and how everyday noise could be damaging our hearing and that of our children’s it is reassuring that double glazing can go some way to protect your home from outside noise.  Background noise of 70 decibels caused by outside traffic can be disturbing over a period of time.

Many of our customers who have replaced old units with modern double glazing often comment on the immediate reduction in noise that they can hear from the street.  Noise reduction can dramatically improve the quality of life in your home by eliminating noises that you have just become used to.  A common result reported to us by our customers is achieving much quieter and calming sleeping environments which has to be priceless!

Sometimes traditional glass used in double glazing is not enough.  Acoustic double glazing can be a very useful solution to provide properties that are near to very busy roads, motorways or airports with less noise pollution.  Using Acoustic glass can provide dramatic results in reducing outside noise especially in urban areas.

What is acoustic glass?

Acoustic glass is created by laminating two panes of glass together using Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB).  This is an acoustic membrane which bonds the two planes together but gives the impression of a single pane of glass.

How does it work?

The PVB membrane acts as a noise dampener and literally dulls the sound as it passes through the glass, this is achieved by weakening the sound as it travel through and sound wave’s energy is reduced.

The benefits:

Acoustic glass can reduce noise in double glazed units by up to 10db.  Noise can be very distracting and in an environment where people are trying to concentrate this can be very stressful.  With more and more customers working from home it is really important to create an environment free from noise and outside influences.  Creating a tranquil space could transform the way you work.  Perhaps you have children who use their bedrooms for studying in and the constant noise from the traffic, acoustic glass could be the solution.

The PVB layer also has the benefit of providing additional safety and security properties such as you would expect from laminated glass, meaning the glass will not smash easily.  Its also absorbs around 99% of harmful UV rays.

Another use of acoustic glass is on conservatory roofs, the sound of rain can be relaxing and rhythmic so some people but irritating to others.  Acoustic glass would dull the sound and reduce impact noise.

Acoustic glass can be combined with all other types of glass as required such as thermal efficient glass, self cleaning glass and decorative panels that could be included into a design.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at Finesse Windows if you feel acoustic glass could improve your property or working space.

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