Why Finesse Is The Best Double Glazing Company

When the opportunity came up to write a blog about why Finesse is the BEST double glazing company, I jumped at the chance to write it!

If you think that this blog is going to talk about the typical things that a double glazing company talks about, such as how brilliant their products are, how efficient their double glazed units are and how secure the locking systems are, then think again!

The first thing I want to point out, is that I am not an employee of finesse, I am an independent business executive and I work with Finesse…

I can talk to you, with a wealth of experience in the home improvement industry because I have worked with, and provided software, training and services to thousands of businesses in the double glazing industry for over 30 years.

During my time in the industry I have worked with every type and size of business and have seen businesses thrive and others barely survive. I have seen first-hand how badly some companies really treat customers, how they create false discounts as a way of pressurising customers into buying. I have seen how they reduce quality from their products to achieve better margins and then blatantly lie about the product and services they are supplying to the customer.

I am not saying that all companies are like this, but I can assure you it is happening more than you realise and it is happening in your area right now every single day!

In fact on a recent fact finding mission I found that 6 local double glazing companies in the Birmingham area were promoting and telling customers they were providing A rated windows and none of them could provide certification to prove this!

I should really start this blog by telling you how I came to meet Finesse in the first place, you see I had decided that I only wanted to work for one client in the double glazing industry. I had thousands of contacts in the industry and I immediately dismissed more than 80% of the businesses in the industry that I knew I did not want to spend my time with, because of the reasons I mentioned earlier.

A close friend of mine called me up one day and told me about this amazing company in the midlands that were just what I was looking for! I was living in Manchester at the time and when I walked into Finesse for the first time, I knew that I had found the company I was looking for.

To me the key to the success at Finesse is the Managing Director Russell Bridge. Russell has the most amazing set of personal values that I have ever come across. He took over the business several years ago after his Father died from Motor Neuron Disease, and I know that his Father is looking down on him, so proud of the man that he has become and the inspirational leader of the business.

Typically when double glazing companies promote themselves as being caring and that the customer comes first, I can assure you it doesn’t!

That is the promotional hype that they think you want to hear to encourage you to buy from them.

At Finesse, it is completely the opposite, Russell and his team, really does means it, and to be honest, they don’t shout loud enough as to how fantastic they really are!

I have worked with the company now for more than 4 years I can honestly say that in all that time not once has Russell ever made a decision that was not in the best interest of a customer. Let’s be honest, they are in the construction industry and when taking out old draughty windows and replacing them with beautiful new ones, there is a chance that something can go wrong.

When it does though, unlike most companies that try to put it at right as cheaply as possible or try not to take responsibility for it, this is where Finesse come into their own, this is where Russell’s leadership takes over and all the fitters, builders and tradespeople work together to do the right thing and the best thing to put it right for the customer.

The company has a philosophy that is difficult to promote without sounding cheesy, but it really does run deep through the core of the business and then spreads out to everyone working with and for the company. And, that philosophy is to treat all customers as though they are family!

In other words, to treat customers as though they are family members in everything they do for a customer.

It is also how Russell, Ellie (who is Russell’s sister and joined the business 2 years ago) and the Finesse management team treat everyone in the business, which is why some of the fitting teams have been there for over 20 years some of the factory workers have been there over 20 years, one of the accounts personnel has just celebrated 25 years in the business and the installations director has just celebrated 30 years in the business.

Family business, family values, providing an honest and respectful service, a business that believes that all customers should be treated as part of the family, Russell and his team really do care about you, your safety, your security, your comfort, your style and your home.

Now, that’s why I decided to work with Finesse and I can honestly say that with my experience of working with thousands of double glazing companies over the past 30 years, there is no doubt in my mind that Finesse are, without doubt,  “The Best Double Glazing Company”

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