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There has always been much debate within the windows & doors industry regarding the best ways and materials to reduce noise pollution from entering homes. We have certainly noticed that more and more homeowners every year are contacting us for advice on how to achieve this, as they try to make their homes quieter and more comfortable to live & sleep in.

Getting panels that only let a tiny part of noise in is not unknown, however, the price and maintenance on these windows can rake the price of noise reduction way up.  For efficiency in both energy and sound, contact us to get information and support on what windows you should be looking for. All of the material used  will make a difference when you finish, having part of the building’s energy efficiency worse than the rest makes the investment redundant. Make sure you finish each panel to the same quality to make it effective. Finesse always make their products to high quality standards.

Anybody that lives close to a main road, an airport or has noisy neighbours will tell you how disruptive it can be to suffer from the effects of noise pollution. We have always welcomed the opportunity to help people to use our products to improve their lives as well as their properties:

One of the reasons why homeowners may have become more concerned about this issue could be the recent publication of a study that suggests that living near to heavy traffic increases the risk of dementia; something Scientists have previously tried to prove for many years.

A common assumption is that it is better to have a triple glazed unit as opposed to a double glazed unit on the belief that having another layer of glass will be beneficial in preventing noise from travelling through the window from outside to inside.

However, evidence suggests otherwise. We know from test evidence that the introduction of a third layer of glass can in some instances actually increase the problem in that the third layer is actually just another piece of material that can vibrate; and more vibration = more noise.

Windows to Reduce Noise

So if the solution is not Triple Glazing then what is it?

We believe that a better solution is to use a special ‘acoustic laminate’ glass in a double glazed unit. The acoustic laminate layer is actually made up of three components – two pieces of 3mm glass with a PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) interlayer sandwiched in-between them.

Test evidence from experiments conducted in laboratories suggested that this combination would be better at reducing noise levels – although it is difficult to state with certainty that this will be the case. When new technology comes along we prefer to take claims of performance ‘with a pinch of salt’. It’s only once we have some supporting evidence from our own experiences with real installations in real homes that we feel we can then give advice with authority, to our clients.

We have found that in instances where customers have requested triple glazing to reduce sound levels, that they have experienced good results overall. However, we have recently had experience of customers that feel the triple glazing has not had the desired results. In order to help our understanding and to help gain a better solution for our customers we have found that by switching triple glazing to an acoustic laminate has indeed produced markedly better results.

Our recent experiences are reflecting the test evidence, therefore In instances where noise reduction is important we now advise that clients should install a double glazed acoustic glass rather than a triple glazed unit.

Acoustic Glass FAQS

Noise pollution is a big problem, especially in busy towns and cities.  Triple glazing can have a little success in reducing noise, however because it is made with an extra layer of glass, it can end up just making vibrations worse becuase of external noise!

Our special acoustic glass is made up of 3 parts – 2 layers of glass which sandwich a layer of PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) which really helps to minimise external noise.

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