Replacement Windows & Doors for Conservation Areas in the West Midlands


Replacement Windows & Doors for Conservation Areas in the West Midlands


Our replacement windows and doors tailored for conservation areas have undergone meticulous design and development, aligning with the guidelines outlined in Article 4 for Conservation Areas. This results in a window system, Residence, that faithfully recreates the captivating aesthetics, tactile experience, and traditional dimensions of timber windows, all without the inherent drawbacks – no warping, peeling, or the need for constant sanding and repainting. Residence windows are designed for conservation areas, and boast the looks of timber but with the benefits of UPVC, delivering remarkable energy efficiency, acoustic performance, durability, and security.


The Residence Flush Sash windows from Finesse Windows excel in energy efficiency, achieving an impressive U-Value of under 1.4, surpassing the requirements of the British Building Standards.


Preserving the Charm of Conservation Areas


The unique visual identity of conservation areas faces challenges from ill-suited replacement windows and doors. We diligently adhere to the regulations governing windows within conservation areas. By specifying meticulously detailed, high-performance timber alternative replacement windows, we align with current Building Regulations while upholding traditional sightlines that are integral to these areas.


We have harmoniously blended modern materials and contemporary energy-efficiency standards to create a solution that both Conservation Officers and Building Inspectors can endorse.


Navigating Article 4: Windows Designed for Conservation Areas


In 1995, legislative changes empowered local authorities to impose additional restrictions on alterations that might impact key architectural elements within conservation areas. This includes activities such as erecting porches, altering the color of houses, or modifying distinctive doors, windows, or other architectural nuances. These additional restrictions are known as Article 4 Directions. Among these design features, windows for conservation areas play a pivotal role. Even subtle modifications significantly influence the overall appearance. Factors such as window placement, sash proportions, arrangement of opening lights, glazing bar thickness and profile, joints, frame materials, and even the glass type itself contribute to the window's aesthetic and appropriateness.


Genuine Heritage Design


19th Century timber windows were hand crafted therefore to truly replicate this we combine modern machinery processes with the eye of an artisan craftsman. The Residence range has authentic styling that mirrors historic window design, including traditional sight lines, and through using Georgian Bar and Traditional hardware we can ensure we complete the authentic look of 19th century ironmongery.


Over the years the Residence Collection of Flush Sash windows have been widely accepted in conservation area and Grade II listed building right across the UK. Finesse Windows Residence range of flush sash windows seamlessly blend authenticity with top-tier performance, encompassing energy efficiency, security, acoustics, and minimal maintenance. The Residences range unyielding focus on precision and traditional timber aesthetics has led to a high success rate in obtaining approval for replacement windows within designated Conservation Areas. It's essential to secure prior consent from your local planning officer before commencing any construction work. Should you be contemplating the installation of new or replacement windows and doors within a conservation area or a period building, our dedicated design team stand ready to provide the necessary support for your application.


If you require more information on the Residence product range and/on home improvements please don’t hesitate to contact us - we would be delighted to help. If a 10 minute video call would help in the first instance then please feel free to schedule a call with us and we will be only too happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.




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