Double Glazed Windows: A Quick Guide to Help You Get Started:

The installation of new double glazed windows is one of the best ways you can add value and style to your home. As a long established business we are often called upon to advise our customers on the merits of installing double glazed windows. The questions we get asked normally fall into some distinct categories which we have tried to summarise in this quick guide to help your get started:

There’s many aspects to consider when deciding which type of windows would be most appropriate for your home.

What materials should I use?

One of the first things you’ll have to consider is what material you should choose for your windows. The main choices you have are UPVC, Aluminium or traditional wooden windows. Each type of window undoubtedly has its own merits. Here at Finesse we only manufacture UPVC windows – we believe that UPVC windows are the best choice for the majority of homes we are asked to work in. This is due to the mix of considerations you have to be aware of when selecting your double glazed windows including the cost / aesthetics / durability / ease of maintenance. In every respect we believe that the benefits of UPVC windows, if designed and installed correctly easily outweigh the disadvantages of aluminium windows and wooden windows.

How will they look?

It is absolutely crucial to design your windows in a way that compliments your particular home. We take great pride in our design process so we give you every opportunity to explore the different styles of double glazed windows so that you can make an informed choice. This is achieved during the first meeting we have with you where we involve you in the design process in your home and show you how your windows could look on our tablet computers.

How much does it cost?

The cost of double glazing is normally dependent upon the materials chosen, the designs you have settled upon, the calibre of the company that is installing the job for you and very importantly, the level of after-care you will need to have. It’s an often overlooked fact that UPVC double glazed windows should come with a ten year guarantee. It is a substantial leap of faith in many ways to award a company with a contract to look after your investment for an entire decade. Evidently, if a company is committed to do this properly then the cost of this after care should be included in the price. Be careful of a very cheap quotation – and ask yourself if such a low value can really include the level of service you deserve for your investment after installation & beyond.

What is a UPVC window made of?

The mix of components used in a double glazed UPVC window is crucial to its success – in the same way that an excellent meal can be ruined by the omission of a few key ingredients. The obvious key components in a window are the glass sealed unit and the UPVC framework. However, did you know that within the UPVC shell of the window there should be a steel frame reinforcement, which provides a solid structure for the window. Although you can’t see it the steel framework is just as important as the UPVC. Another ingredient that you may not know about within a window is the argon gas that fills the cavity of the sealed unit. Argon filled double glazing is vastly superior at keeping heat inside your home.

What’s the main benefits of UPVC double glazed windows?

There are 3 main benefits of installing excellent quality double glazed windows. 1) Security – the security offered by modern glazing systems is quite incredible. Any opportunist thief will be deterred from the outset when faced with a locked UPVC window or door. 2) Comfort – the heat retention and noise reduction qualities of a Finesse window are hard to beat. Condensation in double glazing can also be vastly reduced if the window is designed correctly which can make your home a more comfortable place to live in. 3) Style – there are not many ways to change or improve the style of your home from the outside. The addition of new windows & doors is one of those opportunities. Above all else, your new windows need to look great and help you to stamp your style on your property.

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