• Very informative article. I agree that we should prevent condensation in our homes by ventilation and opening windows. It’s very important for our health and it prevents black mould growth. We can also use humidifier.

    • Finesse Windows

      Absolutely, it doesn’t just ensure protection and energy efficiency. As you say, regular ventilation is important for our health. Thanks for your comments

  • Louise Sutton

    Condensation also occurs in between the two glass. Leaks on edges of the glass where condensation enters. Resealing those air leaks might avoid condensation. or maybe reinstalling the whole window where you can re seat the window on their slots. You can ask an expert on how to reinstall the glass windows.

    Louise Sutton
    PR and Marketing

    • Finesse Windows

      Thanks for your comment Louise. You’re quite right, if any home owners are in any doubt we’re always on hand to lend advice.