What is the average cost of double glazing a house?


The answer to this is dependent upon so many variables that it’s virtually impossible to provide a meaningful short answer. However, it is possible to give you in insight into the many variables that will have an effect upon the likely cost of double glazing your entire home. As a very rough guide, if you were to replace every last window in your property it is likely to cost no less than £8,000 and no more than £30,000, but the actual cost for your particular home is dependent on a multitude of complexities which we explore below:

To begin with, let’s take an average window of approximate dimensions 1800 (w) x 1200 (h) – the type of window that you would find in an upstairs bedroom.

The basic starting price for this would be around £800 inc VAT. This includes removal and disposal of old window, professional survey, installation and 10 year insurance backed guarantee. However, there are a number of considerations that then come in to play depending on how you want the window to look and perform.

The number of openers will have a direct affect on the price, simply put, the more openers and the more transoms and mullions incorporated into the design - the more it will cost. If you decide to have trickle vents or if they are a FENSA requirement in your home then this will add cost too. Adding a colour to your window to make it compliment your home - like anthracite grey or rosewood etc to the inside or outside of your window will add considerable cost – normally approximately 25 to 35 percent on top of all other aspects.

If you require scaffolding in order to gain access to the outside of a window then this will of course add more cost to the job. Most of a window installation is undertaken from the inside of a property but there is also a considerable amount of external finishing work that can only be done from the outside. One of the most important aspects of any window installation is to ensure that you adequately support the brickwork above. The installation of necessary lintels and any associated brickwork remedial costs are important considerations that can add further cost – mainly because of their labour and time consuming nature.

The specification of glass can also have a significant effect. All windows should be designed to be safe and provide protection against the possibility of falling against the glass surface. This is achieved by specifying safety glass where stipulated by Building Regulation control. This also adds cost. But If you want to go further and take the opportunity to build in the ultimate in acoustic insulation, security and UV protection you should factor this into the equation too.

Therefore, using these examples it is possible to understand how a window that originally may have costed £800 can sometimes be more like £1,500. For example if you add a colour, some higher spec glass and need scaffold to overcome an external obstruction you can easily double the costs involved - It really depends.

Hopefully by presenting the information in this way you can see that there are in fact so many variables that it is somewhat pointless to try to give an average price that fits all - as an average window doesn’t really exist. Every window is bespoke to a large degree. That is why the first part of our process is always to meet with our clients to make sure we understand exactly what it is that they are trying to achieve with their purchase. Only then can we design a solution that meets their personal requirements. The price of the window really is the outcome of the process at the end rather than the starting point at the beginning.

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